Alopecia and African Americans

A growing number of African American women are suffering from hair loss. Alopecia is a condition that diminishes the hair follicle and leaves a bald area. Alopecia can first appear to be a few spots on the scalp known as diffuse alopecia areata. As the area grows to cover large areas of the head, known as  alopecia areata,  the body’s own immune system attacks the hair follicles and disrupts normal hair formation. Alopecia is sometimes associated with  autoimmune conditions such as allergic disorders, thyroid disease, vitiligo, lupus, and rheumatoid arthritis.

Some clients with hair loss are settling for hair extensions to cover up the problem rather digging deeper to assets the root of the problem. Alopecia can be  genetic but a family history of  hair maintence could also be the reason.

Traction alopecia occurs when the

hair is tightly pulled for braided styles and hair extensions, the hair follicle suffers slight trauma. The hair that sheds after the removal of either styles is sometimes regarded as the normal hair loss of 50-100 strands per day combined together when the hair style is taken out. The added hair loss from the tension of the prolonged style  sometimes goes unnoticed until large section of hair loss is noticeable.

Things to consider when suffering with hair loss:

Hair products: African America hair products are the most toxic hair products on the market. These products contain ingredients such as mineral oil, petroleum, P-Phenylenediamine . Semi-permanent hair colors, which are aniline dyes, are made from coal tar. These ingredients cause hormonal disrupts, organ system toxicity and many other problems. Relaxers are the only hair product in history of hair products that can be made into a bomb, clear drainage systems, dissolve a plastic container, dissolve human flesh, and completely discenagrate a hair follicle while straighten the hair. All of these ingredients have harmful effects on the human body that are sometimes ignored, or just medicated and the hair product or service is never considered.

Other factors:

Genetic Modified foods (GM) have spread through the food chain for over 10 years. Testing for safety of these foods where only performed 90 days on mice, yet the FDA approved the procedure to be used by farmers. Data of human side effects are now being documented.

Cosmetic body products also have high levels of toxins listed in their ingredients and possibly more that are not list on the packaging.

Cleaning products are also very toxic and jeopardize indoor air quality. These products have long term fatal effects on the immune system. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is currently regulating products such as Clorox, Pine-Sol, oven cleaners, even dish detergent to eliminate toxic ingredients that absorb in the the human body and cause cancer and other diseases.

When the human body tallies up numerous invaders the body becomes a toxic pool. Hair follicles sometimes represent the condition of the body and if the body is unhealthy the hair shaft is too!!

How to assess your products: Eco-Consultants can help you through the process of eliminating toxic food  that you eat, products that you use on your body and in your home everyday. Eco- Consultants can help you establish a overview of possible product ingredients side effects related to your health  issues. Eliminating some of the major toxins can improve overall health.

Monica Be is an Eco-Consultant certified specialist in Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and Green Cleaning. She can be contacted at or 520.302.5029 ‘Completing Your Home, Health,Business & Wealth Green’


4 responses to “Alopecia and African Americans

  1. Monica,

    Thank you very much for enlightening my girls, and myself on all of the harmful affects of products we use everyday. This is shocking information and the FDA, and EPA should be doing more to keep us safe. Blessings to Eco-Consultants like yourself who are doing an excellent job of spreading the word and educating us on how to live longer by avoiding these products.

    I would like to learn more about homeopathic alternatives to the above. Please keep us informed on safe products and home remedies.

    Thanks, Monica Be!

  2. Monica b. Organic

    Thanks for having an interest Mrs. London. Please pass this info along to anyone that may need the info and do know it. Peace
    Monica Be

  3. i suffered from thyroid my report showed 5 approx TSH. T3 and T4 were normal. My hair from the centre shed like a piece of paper blown away by wind. Does smoking affect thyroid. What are other do’s and dont’s to follow? Please help as im very helpless now after trying everythng. Please revert with some solution on my mail id.

    • Thanks for reading. Smoking effects every cell in your body and your thyroid is a part of that. Thyroid issues do change the structure of hair and medication can also make the issue better or worse. has many natural remedies to restore your hair follicle and address the cause of the hair loss. Please consider our diet and hair products too. Let me know how the remedies work for you.
      **This information does not replace a medical opinion**

      Thx 😉
      Monica Be.

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