Hair color advice from an expert

Hair color can create huge income in your business or brand. Your guest will return to you for years and also refer other guest to you when you create formulas that enhance their features. Over the years coloring your guests goes  from highlighting to low lighting, darkening for the fall to brighten for the summer.  As time goes by and your formula changes….well I hope that it has!

Color formulas should change with age. The same dark or light colors that  worked years before gray new growth and aging  will not continuing to have the same results or bring out the best features of your guests.

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 5.43.56 PMBeth Minardi cuts to the chase and tackles the common color mistakes in her Fall & Winter Color Basics Webinar. Referring to the hair shaft as a cashmere sweater, she discusses adding dimension to brunettes, caramelizing, using eye and skin color, glazing, covering grey around the face and my favorite how to avoid monochromatic colors on dark hair.

You have to register and she starts a little slow but it’s worth the wait. Listen to
Beth’s webinar HERE


*** I do not endorse this color brand. Beth is a great colorist with years of experience.








Toxic ingredients to avoid

Hair stylist use thousands of chemicals

Choose products that protect your health your client’s and the environment. Download the free PDF HERE  ‘Toxic Product Ingredients to Avoid’

Check product ingredients instantly at EWG and Good Guide

Every idea counts


Every idea counts. Take notes everywhere. Download the free PDF HERE  and keep your ideas in one place

Trying to launch an idea or product?


Quick tips on how to launch an idea or product by getting feed back first, using  google analytics, testing then launching.. Then boom 🙂

*Amount is based on product price and amount of leads.

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Interview with Tanya Cherry of The T.E.A.M. and Renew Full Circle


I had the pleasure of having a sit down pow-wow with Tanya Wilson-Cherry, the founder of The T.E.A.M. and Renew Full Circle Consulting.  I have known Tanya for some time and have watched her success on social media and I was more than honored to talk about the ever-changing cosmetic industry with her.

Tanya is also a marriage counselor and relationship coach. I was fortunate to get some off the record advice from her that change my relationship instantly just by thinking a different thought!

Check out the interview below: